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NCEC Makes Professional Development More Accessible with Online Courses

The cost of travel and missing an instructional day with my kids makes me pass on a lot of PD.

Subs are impossible to find.

I’m a one-(wo)man show.  If I’m gone, the whole department is gone.

Being gone is more work than being in my room.

I need a credit, and I don’t want to go somewhere in the summer!

We need quality PD for our early out, but booking a year or more out is not practical.

If any of these reasons sound familiar to you, you are in luck!

NCEC has now made professional development available online for educators and administrators through the NCEC Educational Hub (

“Accessibility is our primary motivation for creating this option for our educators,” said Shelly Hoerer, Professional Development Director for NCEC.

NCEC has been utilizing an online forum for the past year to house virtual PLCs and online book reads made available to NCEC regional educators.  Starting in September 2019, the selection will expand to include four new book reads, classes such as Classroom Management 101, Integrating Technology, Motivating and Inspiring Students, Standards-Based Grading, Fostering Positive Relationships and many more.

Materials will also be available to administrators to facilitate in-house as well.  Topics covering AdvancED planning, mental health, and standards will have a facilitator guide, course outline, videos, and other materials enabling any educator to present the material to their colleagues.

“We are a small staff of only three and needed to find a way to provide the services our schools have come to depend on us for without stretching us all too thin.  Facilitating training online enables us to serve all of our schools and saves our tight budget by reducing our staff travel,” shared Hoerer.

Registration opens August 1.

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