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Supporting the School Community to Collaborate and Build Capacity for Student Success

Professional Development

I love the book reads! By sharing our thoughts and ideas, we in turn spark more ideas in others…Hearing others share ideas has sparked new ideas in how I can do things, or how we can implement things in my schools. I love it! I don’t feel so alone.

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Online Educator Course Offerings


Summer Classes are Now Open for Registration!

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Kids Theses Days  Book Read
The Behavior Code — Book Read


Self-Paced Classes

Participants can self-enroll at any time. 

Credit for the completion of these classes will be assigned in three terms. 

Term 1 – Participants who complete all activities by December 15th

Term 2 – Participants who complete all activities by April 15th

Term 3 – Participants who complete activities by July 1st

Classes Available:

Hybrid Classes:



Virtual PLCs


Principal PLC 

  • The Principal PLC dates are TBA.



January Teacher In-Service


NCEC School System Enhancement or Early Out Offerings

  • Online materials are available on the NCEC Educational Hub. Available topic areas include:
    • AdvancED
    • Mental Health
    • Standards
  • AdvancED–Planning for school improvement and preparing for visitation
  • Teaching & Assessing for Learning–Classroom observations and educator feedback, sharing student work
  • Please call NCEC for more information or to schedule training


Mental Health Trainings

  • Trauma Sensitive Schools (Mental Health/Suicide Prevention Staff Training)–up to 6 hours
  • SafeTALK Suicide Prevention Training–3 hours


Staff Development Trainings


Other In-State Education Trainings