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NCEC Spotlight School

NCEC Spotlight School

NCEC Lightbulb with spotlight shining down to the right

The NCEC Spotlight is shining on the Turtle Mountain Community Schools


Zoom Screen showing administrators from Turtle Mountain Schools

The administrators from the Turtle Mountain Community Schools (Turtle Mountain Elementary, Middle, High School, Ojibwa, and Dunseith Day) have been meeting once a month to focus on aligning school improvement work across the five schools.

Because the schools are governed by both federal (Bureau of Indian Education) and state (ND Department of Public Instruction) accreditation requirements, the reporting can be cumbersome, duplicative and time consuming. The group is working to streamline that process.

The schools must receive accreditation through two entities: Native Star (federal) and Cognia (state); so the group has worked to cross walk the two entities to minimize and consolidate the reporting process. An added, and possibly greater benefit has been a better understanding of the school improvement process across all schools.

The next step for the group is to determine what evidence and artifacts are needed to show growth in the standards and indicators as well as the rationale or “why” each standard, indicator and artifact is important to their collective school improvement process.

Table showing Cognia standards

The group’s work has been recognized at the state level. Betsy Deal (Cognia) invited the team to share the process they are working through so that other schools across ND and the nation who report to both Native Star and Cognia might benefit from their lessons learned in working on this initiative.

Dr. Michelle Thomas (District Superintendent), Mr. Casey Sovo (BIE Superintendent), Dr. Kellie Hall (Education Program Specialist), and Mrs. Shelly Hoerer (NCEC Professional Development Director) will be presenting their findings at the Cognia Leading the Way conference on February 23rd.

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  1. It is great to read positive comments regarding the Belcourt School District/Turtle Mountain Community Schools and our efforts to improve our educational services to our students!! Thank you for the publication.

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