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Emergency Operations Plan Train-the-Trainer Coming to Bottineau Public School

REMS TA Center out of Maryland is coming to Bottineau Public School to conduct a Developing Emergency Operations Plans training.  The training will be the Emergency Operations Plan K-12 101 Train the Trainer on October 29 from 8-4.

The Training by Request (TBR) is designed for potential master trainers from participating schools and districts responsible for training site-based planning teams interested in creating, revising, or enhancing school EOP’s; school staff who serve, or will serve, on their school or school district’s EOP planning team; and other interested community stakeholders, including first responders, emergency medical services personnel, law enforcement, and others.

If you are interested please contact Pat Brenden, Superintendent, (228-2266) ASAP to reserve spots for your school team.  You can also go to the REMS website and read more about this training.

For more information, see this page:


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