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Supporting the School Community to Collaborate and Build Capacity for Student Success

About Us


North Central Education Cooperative

“Supporting the School Community to Build Capacity for Student Success”


The purpose of North Central Education Cooperative is to support schools to ensure, through a comprehensive K-12 curriculum, that students will develop and demonstrate scholastic, technological, physical, social, and problem-solving skills essential for achieving academic, occupational, and personal success today and in the future.


Map of ND showing the regional education agency borders, NCEC region colored darker


School Districts Served: 

  • Anamoose
  • Bottineau
  • Drake
  • Dunseith
  • Dunseith Day
  • Harvey
  • Little Flower Catholic (Rugby)                    .
  • MLS Mohall
  • Newburg United
  • Ojibwa Indian (Belcourt)
  • Rugby
  • St. Ann’s Catholic (Belcourt)
  • St. John
  • TGU (Towner & Granville)
  • Turtle Mountain (Belcourt)
  • Westhope
Any connected entities:
(CTE, Special Ed Unit, etc.)
  • Peace Garden Special Services

Collaborating Partners:

  • Dakota College at Bottineau
  • Turtle Mountain Community College
  • Minot State University
  • University of North Dakota
  • North Dakota State University


Governing Board & Member Schools

Bylaws, Policies, Meeting Agendas and Minutes


Data Reports

Strategic Plan